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Mrs Moon - Plump Superchunky

Mrs Moon - Plump Superchunky


Plump Superchunky yarn is unbelievably soft and luxurious.  Made from the highest quality, sustainable, superfine merino and baby alpaca fibres, it is a joy to work with and wear.

The yarn is roving in nature, meaning that it is single ply with little twist, which helps keep the squidginess of the fibres, but during the spinning process the fibres are slightly felted together to ensure that it doesn't split when you are working with it.

Plump Superchunky comes in 15 beautiful shades...   now you just need to choose your favourites! (Please note, clotted cream has been re-named Pavlova).

Fibre: 80% superfine merino, 20% baby alpaca

Weight: superchunky

Length: 70m per 100g

Needle size:10-15mm


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