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Even Moss Cross-over Bootie Pattern

These adorable little booties whip up so quickly, they make a great last minute baby shower gift - or even a well ahead of time gift! Add a pom pom to the toe and boom - magic will happen!



Even Moss Cross-over Bootie Pattern

This is for 0-3 month booties, you can make these larger or smaller by increasing or decreasing the rows.

I use a 5mm hook and aran weight yarn. The sole should measure 8cm once completed. This pattern is written using U.K terms.

Make 2


Row 1 - HTR into 2nd ch from hook, HTR across, Ch1 and turn (26 sts)

Row 2- 5 – HTR into first stitch, slip stitch into next stitch. *HTR into next stitch, slip stitch into next stitch* repeat across, ch1 and turn (26 sts)

Row 6 – HTR across and fasten off (26 sts)

These are the sides of the booties.

To create the sole:

Join yarn into 11th stitch across, leaving a long tail for sewing up later.

Ch2 (counts as first HTR), HTR into next 5 stitches, ch 1 and turn (6HTR)

Row 8 – HTR into first 5 stitches, HTR into 2nd ch of ch 2 from row 7 (6 HTR)

Row 14 – HTR Across (^ HTR)

Row 15 – HTR across, fasten off

Thread a needle onto the long end you left when adding the sole. Fold the side onto the sole so that the two sides line up and whip stitch down to the toe. Fold the other side in between* the other side and sole and whip stitch along the toe of all 3 pieces. Finally whip stitch up the last edge and fasten off. Sew in all the ends. Turn it inside out and voila.

*When you sew up the second bootie, fold the second side so that it sits on top of the other one. This way you’ll get the crossover in different directions. Alternatively, make them identical.

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