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Fizzy Leftover Sex on the Beach Cocktail à la Komodo Krafts

Good morning! Are we all enjoying this sweat fest? I can confirm I have melted and have not touched any yarn for two days. In order to help out all my fellow yarn enthusiasts during this inconsiderately hot weather period, here is my very own cocktail recipe. This evening, I want you to grab whatever is in the cupboard, throw it in a glass and sit in the shadiest part of the garden, eyes closed and sip away. My yarn box subscribers already have this special recipe, so tonight is the night to put those cocktail stirrers into use!

This recipe originally came about when I was at university. At the time it was lethal because the vodka quantities in each glass grew progressively as the night went on...and as it tastes so lovely...we forgot it was alcoholic...I'm much more refined now. As it was created during university times, you can imagine that we didn't always have the ingredients for a traditional Sex on the Beach (my fave), and so, winging it was the way forward.

Here we go:

1.       Grab a glass (or jug if it’s been a long day)

2.       Chuck some ice in (this step really is one has time for warm drinks)

3.       Add 1 shot of vodka and 1 shot of Peach Schnapps (if, like me, you don’t have any Peach Schnapps, double up the vodka...if you have no vodka...wing it...oh, and if you’re not a drinker, avoid this step entirely)

4.       Fill up the glass with a splash of orange squash, splash of cranberry squash and lemonade (I’ve also used Summer Fruits squash in an emergency)

5.       Add a splash of lemon juice (If you’ve got one of those bottles left over from pancake day...)

6.       Mix it up with a obnoxiously bright cocktail stirrer (or your finger...)

7.       Bob’s your uncle!

8.       If you’re feeling fancy add a slice of lemon, but don’t go all the way to the shop for one...

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to operate hooks, needles or scissors under the influence. Komodo Krafts cannot be held responsible for wonky WIPs.