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Help wanted...apply within

So, I took a big step today. I created a crowdfunding account. I've been in two minds about it for a while. I think crowd funding is fab, it's awesome to see communities come together and help people achieve their goals. At the same time, I hate asking for things, like, hate hate it. I really do. I've spent a few weeks deliberating it and asking different peoples opinions, I'm a real procrastinator when it comes to things like this.

I am the person who would rather buy the round, pay the bill, give a gift. I'm probably just buying peoples friendship really...please love me etc. 

I know I have some awesome products/ideas and I am loving every minute of making them happen. I've invested a lot of money to get things up and running and now, in order for me to go where I need to go, I need to be at big shows. I want to be meeting you all, chatting, showing off my crochet living room, letting you touch all the yarns. In order to do that, I need to raise some up front cash to pay for the marketing, the stalls, potentially accommodation if needs be.

I make every effort to make the services/products I provide as reasonably priced as possible. My ethos is to support as many small business as I can, and supply my fellow enthusiasts with as much stuff for your buck, which means I don't make a profit very quickly. And that's fine by just means I need some help getting off the ground.

Hence why I've packed my hesitations and made the account. In order to keep my morals happy, I intend to donate any funds over the limit to the Willow foundation. So, if you want me to keep bringing you loveliness, please support the cause. Even if it's only 10p, I'll take it! If you can't help with funds, sharing on social media would be super duper fab! 

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