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My Secret Yarn Stash

Yarn, squidgy luxury yarn, to your door each month, to do with as you please...what more could you want?

We all love trying new yarns but sometimes we aren't sure which to try, which to get loads of, which will be as soft as they look.

I've always loved the idea of subscription boxes but didn't fancy one with specific patterns, I just wanted yarn. I've got a few indie yarn subscriptions, but I was longing something else with a variety.

I couldn't find anything that fit what I wanted, so I thought...sod it, I'll make it.

I'm now offering a monthly box of yarn heaven. Each month you'll receive a carefully selected box with at least one full skein of high street yarn, one full skein of indie yarn and some goodies. You can opt out at anytime, there's no contract, just yarn love. I hope this will get you exploring more yarns, trying out some indie yarns that you might normally be too cautious to buy...I'm just feeding your addictions really, I'm sorry....but ssssh, don't tell everyone, it will be our little secret ok?

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