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The BIG one

So, later on this year I'm going to be at some BIG shows promoting the BIG Crochet Stayaway...and by gum am I nervous!  

As I won't be taking my yarn boutique with me, I want to make get you lot talking to me! So I'm crocheting a living room. Yep.

The best thing about being at the BIG Crochet Stayaway is that you quickly feel at home, relaxed and comfortable. And my vision is to capture that feeling with a homely room setting, made of yarn. 

Everyone I've mentioned this too so far has guffawed, looked concerned, confused and pretty much thinks I've lost the plot...BUT bear with me and I promise, it will all make sense in the end.

My general approach to my work is to wing it. Off the cuff, see what happens. I rarely draw it first, I'm normally too excited to see the end result so just leap 5 steps ahead. This can make things a bit daunting at first, but at the same time it actually makes it much less stressful for me as it's all evolving naturally rather than trying to copy something on paper.

I have a vision in my mind and I really hope you all get to see it. There are some fabulous inspirations out there in a similar vain, which have made me feel more comfortable with my challenge.

So, if you see a curly haired lady standing in front of a half finished living room exhibit at The Handmade Fair (Surrey), Knit and Stitch (Ally Pally) or FibreEast (Ampthill)...say's been a long road.

I'll update you on my progress soon! 

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