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Stick that pom pom in your magic ring.

I will start this blog post with a fact, I am generally intimidated by other crafters/crocheters. This is mainly due to a lack of self confidence which inherently means I think you are all better than me...which most of you actually are. I'm working on it tho, hey, I'm awesome wooooo hoooo. There.

Now, there are two areas of crochet which I avoid like the plague, and considering they are very popular, I felt I should speak out about my stance.

My first crochet hack that I would stick in room 101 is the Magic Ring. Don't get it. I mean, I can do it, and have done it, but personally I'd rather just use a normal slip knot. Used correctly, a slip knot is more secure, easier to make and just less my humble opinion. That's not to say you shouldn't use it...I just don't, my patterns don't and if a pattern I use tells me to...I won't. So there. I mean if you beg me at a workshop to show you how to use it I might, but I'll give you a lecture first and then you can ignore me and carry on with your day.

My second peeve is pom poms. Now, I like pom poms, I like the look of them, the feel of them, I think they are cute, but hey, I can't make them! Well, that's not true, I can make them. But they aren't robust enough for me. I've tried every knot going to stop them form falling apart during my robustness tests, but nope. Everytime. Stop pulling them apart, I hear you cry...but I can't...I just can't! I need to pull on it's little strands and have some resistance...I just can't cope with the thought of it hanging there, a ticking time bomb before someone comes along and....floof. I've tried forks, cardboard, plastic makers, surgeons knots, reef knots...they all end in tears for me.

Now, I have a place booked at the fabulous Luxury Crochet Retreat run by Frank and Olive for my 30th birthday, and I'm hoping...and praying that they can fix my pom pom issues...if they can't no one can!

So that's why I'll never be a cool kid. Because I won't magic ring and I cannot pom pom. But that's ok, I kinda like being an anomaly! Oh, and below is the face I make everytime I pom pom. Everytime.

2017-03-26 16.32.11.jpg