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Gramdma's got a brand new bag!

I attend a weekly sewing class in Hemel Hempstead run by Saskia of Dotty Bobbin. This is in an attempt to utilise the sewing machine I insisted I needed, and left in the box for the first 6 months of its life with us...boyf was obviously impressed. When I mentioned that I run crochet workshops, Saskia quickly whipped out her grandmothers beautiful crocheted bags that she has been crocheting forever and has made hundreds of. They are made up of beautiful diamond pattern, and they have been used time and time again by the family, such great items to have and so useful (especially now with the ol' 5p a bag malarkey).

Anyhoo, Saskia asked me if I could work out the pattern from the bag so that she could make one to take as a gift for her grandmother at Easter. No problem, I yelled, and ran off with the bag in hand. 

Now these bags are very well made, with tight stitches, with what I now assume is a point something mm hook in cotton, so when I began looking at it to work it out, it was a little more difficult that I intended...but I struggled through, hero.

I have now finished the first prototype, mine is a looooot bigger than Saskia's grandmothers, and I'm using a 2.5mm hook! 

Saskia is now working on her project and is hoping that the finished item will be used by her grandmother to carry her ipad, and I cannot wait to see the finished item!

2017-03-12 10.28.45.jpg