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Liz's Crochet Success!

My first ever stab at teaching crochet was when my best friend asked me to show her how to make a granny square blanket. She wanted to make one for her son to match the one her daughter had been gifted when she was born. The poor little blighter didn’t get one!

So, of course, I took on the challenge. At that time, I had never discussed how to crochet out loud with anyone. This was long before I was openly a crochet addict, back before I had ever even realised there were things like crochet groups on Facebook for...people like me! This was back before I had even got my head around UK/USA terminology, but we stumbled through.

She picked it up so quickly, there were highs and lows, and it was a great learning curve for me and her! One thing that I have quickly picked up since I have started teaching is that everyone has their own pace, and that’s ok! Repetition is how we learn, if you ever have to sit through a children’s TV show, you’ll notice they repeat repeat repeat...which is SO ANNOYING for us, but for the child learning it’s great. ANYONE CAN may be a whizz kid and pick it up straight away, or it may take some perseverance. All you need is a willingness to learn!

I ask my friend if I could do a success story bio on her and as the great friend she is, she agreed! So here is her crochet story!

Liz’s Crochet Success

So, what made you decide to try crochet?

Liz: I wanted to make my children a blanket, and I didn’t want to just go out and buy one. I wanted it to be made with love, something they could keep forever

How did you find it to begin with?

Liz: Hard! I was all fingers and thumbs! Finding the right tension was my biggest problem.

How about now?

Liz: Now what I find difficult is the neck ache haha!

What do you enjoy about crochet?

Liz: It’s very relaxing, I’m loving the fact that whilst I’m unwinding, I’m producing!

How many coffees have gone cold whilst you’ve been crocheting?

Liz: Too many! Between crocheting and my children, I never have a hot coffee!

What’s your next project?

Liz: I’d love to brave bunting, and I have 3 more blankets to make!

Aaaaaaaand cut!

So....when will YOU be joining the crochet revolution?!