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Fields of Spring Cushion - Update 27/01/2017

2017-01-21 16.05.13.jpg

Well what a busy week! It's been hectic, but I’ve finished the front of the cushion! Whoopppeee!

It took some frogging...and a bit (lot) of swearing but I’ve managed to get there in the end.

As the white in my mind was symbolising blossom on the trees, I wanted to include star stitch as I think it looks like little flowers too. It’s a great stitch for beginners and experts alike because it’s simple to pick up and quite fun to do once you get into the rhythm. And it looks more complicated than it is which is always a bonus. Mwahahahaha.

I paired this with a bobble type stitch; blossom petal or woolly decide!

I decided to keep the sky quite plain and so just used a combo of half trebles with other simple stitches. I then went round the edge with a round of double crochet and then a round of half treble crochet.

And it was complete!

...But I wasn’t happy. Something was!

It definitely needed some flowers added. So, I headed straight over to one of my crochet crushes blog Attic24, because I immediately knew I wanted to use her Flora’s Flowers pattern.

I’ve wanted to use it in a project for a while now, the name of the pattern is a little sentimental for me. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a child, which has in turn led me to begin this fabulous, yarny journey. I’m sure if she could see how the skill she taught me has become my life she would be very proud. Her name was Flora, and my daughter Elliotte has Flora as a middle name. Flora was the goddess of Spring and so it all just fits so it helps that the pattern is fabulous helps massively!

At first I thought, big colourful flowers, and made purple and blue lovelies. When I laid them on the cushion they just didn’t fit. So I combined the yellows and cream from within the cushion and made some daisies and it popped! Complete.

Now I just need to whip up a back and sew it all together......and then do it all again to write the pattern!