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Fields of Spring Cushion - Update 21/01/2017


I ummed and arrred over how to work this project, and decided I would make an initial test piece, noting down the pattern as I go, and then make a second one and take all the "in progress" shots for the pattern. That was I can play around with it, and view it as a whole once it's finished before finalising the stitches I will use.

Each row uses different stitch, some stitches are repeated throughout. I wanted to try and find stitches which fit with the theme in some way, and actually this can prove complicated if the stitch count doesn't quite fit the requirements! I also wanted to use stitches which beginners will be able to cope with and pros will enjoy. The key to this will be photographing the instructions precisely, any one can do any stitch with the right instruction!

For the greens, I wanted to try and capture the movement of the grass as the soft breezes ruffle through it. I've used a combination of Even Moss and Ribbed stitches to try and create this effect. The yellows are, of course, my beloved Daffodils. I've used a Bead stitch throughout the yellow section to symbolise the closed buds of the daffs just before they bloom. I'm loving the Spring inspiration, it's definitely my favourite season - the sun is out but I can still wear big warm jumpers! I'm contemplating doing a pattern for summer, autumn and winter too...but one thing at a time...I do have a tendancy to procrastinate.

As I go, I'm trying to decide what the back will be like. I think perhaps it will need to be plain. Maybe in one of the green colours...we will see!