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Crochet Girl Gang Cal

So, this week in the Sunday & Monday workshop groups we made a start on our #crochetgirlgang blankets. 

Last week the girls all chose their colour schemes, and on Thursday 12 parcels full of yarn arrived on my doorstep (and were left there in the pouring rain...urgh! luckily there were no casualties) ready for me to sort out before the boyfriend got home...challenge accepted!

The girls we all really excited to get started and there were lots of ooo's and aaaah's as they looked through the yarns they had chosen. The project is great for all levels of ability, and as we have a range from beginner to intermediate in the group it's perfect to keep everyone entertained. There's also a buzz of excitement at the idea of having a big finished item at the end!

I think I might get a bit of healthy competition going between the two groups...who can complete their first row first!

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