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I won an award!

As a massive introvert, attention is really not my thing. However on Thursday of last week I was FORCED to stand up in front of 150 people and accept an award, given to me by the company I work for to recognise the work I do for charity. The main ones being my involvement with the Royal British Legion this year and Girl Guiding.

The strap line for the award was "The Helping Hand Award - For the colleague who puts others first. They are committed to supporting and contributing to charity and community. They raise money for charity. The may devote their time to caring for others. They are the unsung heroes in our midst"

Well, I was firstly absolutely horrified that I had to stand up. Then once I was over the shock, I was completely humbled that my co-workers had noticed the little things I do. I was presented with a printed list of comments from my nominators, and what a lovely bunch! Such kind words, and it was very much appreciated.

I have never done any thing I have done for recognition, but it was lovely to receive. And now the pressure is on for next year! I have some projects in mind that I'd like to do... I just really enjoy being busy!

So I'd like to say, thank you to all those who have helped me raise money for charity over the years, thank you to the brownies and guides for having me and thank you to my colleagues.

And here is a photo which I feel sums up my horror at the time...the eyes..THE EYES!

louisa sheward