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Poppy Appeal 2016

Charity has always been an important element in my life. I have always been involved in whichever charity projects the companies I have worked for...not because I’m “oh so selfless look at me I’m great”...but because it makes me feel good to give, I enjoy helping others...and that’s ok! I mean, Phoebe and Joey established that there is no such thing as a selfless act in that episode of Friends, and as Friends is my Bible, so it shall be.

Anyway, I wanted to make some time to support a charity from my own business, and I decided to support the Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion. It came about because my boyfriends step mum asked me to make her a poppy, so I thought I’d contact the Legion and see what the dealio was if I wanted to make more and sell them.

I was contacted by a lovely lady named Kate, who is the Community Fundraiser for Hertfordshire, who sent me over a form to sign and sent me on my merry crochet way.

I wanted to make a product which would please both guys and gals, so I came up with two designs, a standard poppy and a sparkly one. One poppy even made it onto a head band for a baby!

Then, Kate got back in touch to ask if I could make some larger poppies to be attached to the climbing wall at our local sports centre for a photo shoot. I went down for the shoot and it was great fun! Even the Mayor had a go!

We then met up again for another shoot in the town centre where a super talented local designer had made a poppy dress...this description doesn’t do it justice, it really is fabulous.

It’s always lovely to see so many people giving up their time for a good cause. When there is so much BLAH in the news and everything seems bleak, there’s always that little ray of sunshine that reminds you that people are good.

And so here we are, I have sold out! I sold 50 poppies and raised a total of £180! *Happy Dance* year I’ll be aiming for £250!